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Using knowledge & passion to provide Extraordinary Remote Services since 2008!

1 - We support older computers running xp and vista!

As you may know Microsoft (MS) and many technicians today DO NOT support or even help you if you are using any system that MS no longer supports (Windows xp and vista). With us, you are in luck, we are passionate about getting your system up and running at it's best no matter how "out-dated" it is!

2 - We provide a Free Diagnosis!

Did you know that your computer could be infected with spyware/adware without you knowing it? You could be spied on every time you browse the internet. Most companies charge just to see if you are infected or not anywhere from $20 or higher without fixing anything.

Here at Wisdom PC Online we will diagnose your computer for free! If it is infected we will let you know and with your permission we will remove the infections so you can log on to the internet with no worries about whether someone is "spying" on you waiting to steal all of your information and benefit from all of your hard work! 

3 - Afordable and quality service

At Wisdom PC Online, we believe in making our services affordable as possible and at the same time provide quality work. You will be impressed that how well your computer runs after our technician finishes and we are confident that you will be a return customer or recommend us to your friends and family! 

4 - We provide Free Antivirus software & Free month of service with any purchase!

With the purchase of any service, our technician will install an Antivirus software to make sure your computer stay safe (unless you already have one). The software will be provided with a license for a whole year. We will also give you a full 30 days to call us for any issues related to the services we provided for free!

5 - We use convenient and fast remote services!

Here at Wisdom PC Online, we do just about 95% of our work through the internet. Making it very convenient for our customers world-wide. No need to bring your computer to us or have a technician to visit your home. By providing this service, we can help you no matter where in the world you are! We can generally fix your problem the very same day you call in. As long as your computer turns on and you have internet, we can resolve the issue you are having. 

• Problem Solving & Troubleshooting 
• Upgrades & Repairs (software) 
• Wireless Home Network Setup 
• Print Server Setup  
• Data Recovery 
• System Recovery
• Virus Detection & Removal 
• Router Configuration & Troubleshooting 
• Email Configuration & Troubleshooting 
• Consulting 
• Web Site Design 
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Services that we offer:

We Support Older PCs!

If you need help, you are in luck! It doesn't matter how  old it is, we CAN help you.