Hello! I'm Joseph


I'm from North Carolina where I was a Computer Technician since 2005. I moved to Memphis, TN to learn more about Networking and earned an Associate's Degree in Networking Technology in 2007. 

I now work remotely on my client's computers and help with website designs and other "gigs". I also work full time for a company out of Florida from home.

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Joseph Livengood

Computer Technician









243 Clark rd

Mocksville, NC 27028

Date of Birth:

July 14th, 1978


Job training

The reason why I posted this job in the education is because I am being taught about laws and status when it comes to placing a lien on a property that a client currently worked on. This can be very useful for me or somebody else that needs this information.

March to present-2017

Law's regarding liens


Associate's Degree


here is where I learned the fundamentals of Networking, hardware configuration, sub-net masking and more.


I finished High school in May where I majored in science, math and social studies.

1994 - 1997

High School Diploma


Microsoft Windows - Advanced

html/css coding - Proficient

Power Point - Proficient

Linux (Ubuntu based) - Proficient

English - Mother Tongue

Spanish - Advanced

Websites I had created using free platforms.


We worked on refurbished Sonly VIAO laptops. We had to diagnose and replace defective parts as needed.

2005 - 2007

Laptop Technician


Remote Technician

Geeks On Site

Here I worked as a remote Technician where I assisted clients over the internet. Removed infections, assisted with software and email set up and many more as needed.

Express Notices

I'm a telephone rep that helps clients file paper work to secure their lien rights when doing construction work on any property. I also assist with mobile APP and website development sales.


Sale's representative

This space was taken up from working for call centers, factory work and other non technical related jobs. However I may have some transferable skills, just ask me.


These I built using Wix back when I first started.

These I built using more html/css coding